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Teepee-Triton Combo

Step into another world with your family, your friends or your partner! Sleep under a teepee warmed by a wood fire; explore the lake and the river in a canoe or rabaska canoe; observe the beaver’s natural habitat; listen to the forest while falling asleep around the campfire under the stars; and enjoy the harmony of nature. What’s more, the delicious flavours and smells of a meal cooked on a wood fire will tickle your senses. This is what a stay at the Innusit Village has to offer!

After spending the night in an accommodation more than a thousand years old, you can finish your stay at the Seigneurie du Triton lodge, which is located at less than a one-kilometer boat ride of the Innusit Village. You will discover a century-old lodge that has been visited by historic American figures. This enchanting and majestic site offers extra comfort, but also calm and peacefulness. Discover Quebec’s flora and fauna, taste our internationally and traditionally-inspired food, and experience our legendary hosting. Many water sports and forest activities will be offered to you. The Seigneurie du Triton and Innusit Village combo offers a skilled team dedicated to you! We will be waiting for you at the dock!

A Typical Combo Stay (individual activities to be chosen on site)

Day 1: Arrival for the 4:00 p.m. boat trip to the teepee site, exploration of the site, history of the local Indigenous peoples, familiarization with the teepee accommodation. Canoe trip to the beaver’s natural habitat. Return to the longhouse to share a meal cooked on a wood fire. In the evening, you will be invited around the campfire under the stars to learn more about Indigenous culture and the Coureurs des bois.

Day 2: Wake up to the natural beauty around you. Breakfast at the longhouse. Canoe or rabaska canoe trip upstream on the Batiscan River. Access to the interpretation centre for information on fur-bearing animals and the history of trapping. Lunch will be served in the heart of the woods at La Seigneurie’s Shore Lunch which faces La Charité Lake (accessible through hiking). Arrival by canoe at La Seigneurie du Triton lodge, historical visit of the site and room check-in (no later than 4:00 p.m.). You will have time to enjoy and discover this magical place, which feels like a museum in the heart of the woods. Then your table will be ready for you at the Club House dining room, and an evening event will be offered.

Day 3: Breakfast at the dining room, canoe trip to the Triton train station and tour of the peat bog. Return trip in a canoe to the Shore Lunch. You can leave the site at around 2:30 p.m. with the boat that will get you to the parking lot.

Available dates for this package:

  • From July 3 to August 20, 2017

The Teepee-Triton Combo includes:

  • Teepee accommodation with a sleeping bag for 1 night;
  • 1 dinner and 1 breakfast at the longhouse;
  • Lodge accommodation and bedding;
  • 1 table d’hôte dinner and 1 breakfast at the Club House dining room;
  • 2 lunches at the Shore Lunch;
  • Access to outdoor equipment and La Seigneurie du Triton and the Innusit Village activities.

Price for 1 night full board under the teepee (the number of people includes children and adults):

  • From July 3 to August 20, 2017: $408 for the 1 to 4-person teepee
  • From July 3 to August 20, 2017: $612 for the 5 to 6-person teepee
  • From July 3 to August 20, 2017: $816 for the 7 to 8-person teepee

No discounts applicable for children at the Innusit Village. The number of children must be included in the total number of customers to be accommodated in the teepee.

Price per adult for 1 night in full board lodge accommodation:

  • From July 3 to August 20, 2017: $175 with private bathroom for the room
  • From July 3 to August 20, 2017: $145 with shared bathroom on the floors

Taxes are not included and gratuity is at your own discretion.

A playground, toys, playpens and high chairs available on site, with babysitting upon request (at your own expense) and according to availability.
3 and under Free
4 to 13 years old 50% discount
14 to 17 years old 30% discount

Arrival preferably at 4:00 p.m. in order to participate in the activities and departure at 2:00 p.m.

For your safety and comfort:

  • It’s your responsibility to wear your life jacket at all times during water activities.
  • Children must wear a life jacket that corresponds to their respective size and weight.
  • It’s your duty to keep children under parental supervision.
  • Swimming is at your own risk.
  • Campfires are permitted in designated areas, except when the fire index is too high.
  • All cameras and electronic devices should be protected in waterproof cases. If you don’t have one, it’s best to leave your devices in your room. If you wish to bring them on a water excursion, you do so at your own risk. La Seigneurie du Triton cannot be held responsible for material damages in case of contact with water.
  • It’s important to wear proper footwear on paths with natural obstacles such as rocks, branches, roots, water holes and mud.
  • During the mosquito season, it’s preferable to wear long, light clothing and use insect repellent, preferably bought in Quebec for better efficiency.
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